Group loot

I wants new loots!

The DM tends to drop new loot for those who deserve it most. However, if we are in town and you are among the most deserving, you don’t have to wait for God, just buy yourself something pretty! Here’s how.

  1. Add up the total levels of all your magic items, not counting potions.
  2. Whoever in the party has the lowest total has dibs on getting the next magic item.

If you are the one who’s next due an item, then shop around. Look in the Character Builder. You can buy a Common item of a level up to your level plus 3 out of the common pool of gold. Items are bought at a 100% of market value. However, note that you should check with the DM to make sure it is available, so don’t get your heart set on it. Have a backup in mind. Even if you don’t or can’t buy it, tell the DM what you like, so He can think about giving it to you.

You can only sell items by consensus of the party. Work with Orgoo who is (gods help you) in charge of group loot.

If anyone sells a magic item, the money goes back into the pool. Items are sold for 20% (common), 50% (uncommon), 100% (rare). See this for more on loot

Many items are for the group in general. They are held by somebody, but nobody owns them.

Some items are in reserve for future team member use. Somebody can hold onto it for emergency alternate use but can’t use it more than very rarely, or else it counts as theirs. Such an item should be freely given to whoever needs it, who then can count it as their primary item.

Who has the loot?

This is as of the Avandra temple after fighting the gargoyles.

Total levels of actively used, personal items

  • Orgoo: 37
  • Markus: 28
  • Talith: 23
  • Aria: 31?
  • Grimm: ?
  • Steeple: 23
  • Wreth: ?

Group property

Here are the items which are considered group property, and who is hanging onto it for now. All rations (at .5 gp per person- or horse-day) restored to full 10 days’ worth. Assume no inn fees in Moon City while we stay in the Manor. Otherwise an inn is, I think, 5gp per person-day.

Item Level Value (gp) Description Held by
2000 gp residuum - - Used for magic rituals. Can be converted to gold. Orgoo, Aria
4343 gp - - It’s gold. Divided among party evenly (but must be spent per rules!)
Leomund’s Secret Chest - - See the ritual. Currently hidden under the floor of the cellar in Archhill Manor
10,000 gp - - It’s gold. In Leomund’s Secret Chest
Emergency supplies - - 10 extra adventurer’s kits and 20 rations In Leomund’s Secret Chest
Magic Longsword +1 1 360 Just a +1 longsword for those times when you need an extra magic weapon. Aria
Shroud of Revival 7 2600 Lay this baby on a dying friend. They get 20 damage resistance and +2 save on death throws. Orgoo
Map of Unseen Lands 7 2600 +2 on Nature and Perception to navigate. Can make it redraw itself for the area, like the Marauder’s Map in Harry Potter. Rosy
Instant Campsite 5 1000 Makes a cozy camp. Nuff said. Steeple
Blue Ball (name made up) ? ? Ball from Tobias Archhill which staves off Cados cold in small radius Markus
Archhill Manor ownership in Lietherack ? ? - All
Teleportation runes for Archhill Manor ? ? We can teleport here with a Linked Portal ritual. Orgoo (but can be shared to all)
Teleportation runes for office of Greatenbeard in Lietherack ? ? We can teleport here with a Linked Portal ritual. Orgoo (but can be shared to all)
Wand of Magic Missile +1 3 680 Encounter fire magic missile, all MMs push 1 square Orgoo
Enshrouding Candle 7 2600 Dim light in 2-sq radius. Daily: illusion of concealment for 8 hours Markus
3 horses - 225 They’re horses. All
Fine wines - ? Fine wine from Archhill Manor In Manor cellar
Foe Stone ? ? See card; use it to determine enemy weaknesses. Steeple


Also here are rituals that somebody in the party knows. Rituals are useful to the group so they are group property.

Ritual Description Cost to cast Known by
Comrade’s Succor Moves heal surges 10 gp, 5 min Orgoo
Glib Limerick Roll twice for bluffs 50 gp, 10 min Orgoo
Endure Elements No penalties or damage from nonmagical weather -50 to 140 degrees F for 24 hours 20 gp, 10min Orgoo
Enchant Magic Item Duh Market price, 1 hour Orgoo
Cure Disease 1 disease removed. Heal check minus disease level: under 1 is death; 1-9 lose hp =to max hp; 10-19 1/2 hp; 20-29 1/4 hp; 30+ None 150gp, 10 min Orgoo, Aria
Gentle Repose Corpse can lie dead x5 as long. Can’t be raised as undead for 150 days. 10gp, 1 hour Orgoo, Aria
Make Whole Object fit into 10’ cube repaired. Costs 20% of item cost, 10 min Orgoo
Sending Message up to 25 words. Arcana check: less than 10: 10 miles, 10-19: 100 miles, 20-29: 500 miles 30-39: 1000 miles, more: anywhere on same plane. 50 gp, 10 min Aria, Orgoo
Wizard’s Escape You and up to 8 allies can squeeze into spaces a Tiny can squeeze into, for 10 minutes 150gp, 10 min Orgoo
Linked Portal Make a portal. Duration based on arcana check. 19 or lower: 1 round; 20-39: 3 rounds; 40 up: 5 rounds. See 60 feet each end, lightly obscured. 50gp if leaving from permanent teleportation circle; 135 if not; 10 min Orgoo, Aria
Raise Dead From part of corpse no more than 30 days old (though see Gentle Repose), get dead back. -1 death penalty for 3 milestones. 50gp for Heroic tier, 500gp for Paragon, 8 hours Orgoo, Aria
Remove Affliction Remove curses, charm, domination, fear, confusion, insanity, polymorph, petrification. Heal check minus effect level: under 1 is death; 1-9 lose hp =to max hp; 10-19 1/2 hp; 20-29 1/4 hp; 30+ None 250 gp, 1 hour Orgoo, Aria
Leomund’s Secret Chest Summon chest to where we are. Can dismiss it back to previous location. 140 gp, 10 min Orgoo

Group loot

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