A bubbly, worryingly insane alchemist from a demonic plane


Skai is a level 9 Mad Alchemist Demonslave. (Mad Alchemist has some cool powers, but she’ll get some more once I flesh them out) The most obvious ramifications that you can tell is that she:
+ Has resist 10 to fire
+ Darkvision
+ Has a crapload of alchemists fire on her persons pretty much at all times
+ Has some defensive elixirs

A party of 5 may accompany her, which are all the highest of servants. They are given the most successful of Skai’s experiments, and as such they have slightly higher skill and better equipment. In addition, provided she is still performing experiments, over time she has a random chance to buff cultists, kill cultists, or mutate cultists.



Eternal Winter Wraith33