Cohrlan Daggertooth

Fighter, massive and brave


I have info and stuff, but I had to upload it because it’s stupid blog format. Talk about a pain in the ass. It’s currently set as my character portrait… I’ll put it here later.
I saw Scrin doing this for hers so I’m going to copy play along with that.

Orgoo: That boy is gonna flirt with the wrong girl, and then he’s gonna pay hell for it. But damn is he a fun guy to be around.

Markus: This guy has to know when to stop messin with people. Pretty much same for Orgoo, but replace ‘flirt’ with ‘steal’ and ‘girl’ with ‘person’ and ‘But damn is he a fun guy to be around’ with ‘Dear god that guy must have a bad childhood with all the blood in this room that wasn’t here before’

Scrin: Now this girl is the ‘good’ insane, where if she goes through a fit she just rolls on the floor screamin’ somethin’ ’bout chickens.

Rosy: Portable trap setter, blow absorber and overall team player, but is stealing the spotlight off me.

Dardanos: Anger issues.


Good luck trying to carry this 280 pound beast (yeah, STR 29 to carry him without breaking a sweat), an advantage he uses often by trying to break any obstacle he can not shout at, cut into or agree with. He has a very happy-go-lucky attitude (I would hope so; imagine if he sulked every time he got revived from unconsciousness) and is quick-to-wake. He has a creepy voice while drunk, and as a result, does not drink much. He pretty much thinks all non-dragonborn are unattractive, and that humans and halflings are much too lustful. Understandably, Orgoo drives him a little crazy sometimes. And so did Caroline. Although he won’t admit it, he has anger issues.
As far as actual backstory, it’s much more fun to tell people in character.

Cohrlan Daggertooth

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