Talithe Dritchel

Disgraced by her Goddess and banished from the world




During the attack of the rot worms it was assumed that Talithe was dead, however, in her dying moments she let out an inaudible whisper that renounced her Goddess and declared her love for Markus. Dol-Arrah was so angered by Talithe’s actions that she swept up her twin souls and cast them out of the universe…

She eventually landed in the distant dimension of Nettle and for a time her two souls wandered the land, looking for a home, eventually forcing her way into the body of a newborn girl, sending the previous occupant into an early grave while allowing Talithe to live. But this came at a cost, the reduced size of the brain immediately swept away everything Talithe was, until she grew old enough to remember.
As she grew up all over again, her dreams became haunted by fractured images of a life that was not hers, she slowly began to remember more and more, most important to her was a memory of a man with a thousand masks, she remembered she had loved him, but did not know his name. By the time she was twenty she became an adventurer, having a suit of armour built to her specifications, so she could mimic the person she was in her dreams, she had helped save the snowy world, now she would help save Nettle, even though she was forced to wander the land as nothing more than a shadow of her former self and could never see Cados, or Markus, again…

Talithe Dritchel

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