Eternal Winter

3. Dwarves Need Us To Fix Their Problems

Went to town and talked to Eelfram, who thanked and rewarded us.

We were now level 3.

Distributed gold so we got more equally equipped. Orgoo with Healer’s Armor and wand of Eyebite; Caroline with wand of magic missile; Cohrlan with cloak that gives good healing surges, and a magic bastardsword. Ruby bought lightning for bow. 1570 gp put in group bank.

After a couple weeks, heard that a dwarven fortress needed help so off we went.

On the road, ambushed by bugbears and goblins. Caroline fell unconscious. The bugbear grabbed her. Dardanos attacked the bugbear who used Caroline as a body shield. The blow killed her utterly. Her player, Page, was not bothered and wants to start a new character. Bugbear was fond of carrying Cohrlan off into the hills. We chased him down and stopped that. Came back to Caroline who had risen as a wight, eek. We fought her but did not have the heart to finish off our friend, so she ran off.

Later, attacked by bandits who I mistook for friendly guys. More bandits came. Managed to prevail.

Not sure what this picture is about but I like it.



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