Eternal Winter

Before we move to paragon tier...

Yes, it is a DM adventure update! Well, more of a newsletter, really.

As you are all approaching paragon tier, there are a few things that you need to address, pretty much exclusively in fact to do with Markus’ cult. So try to have this done in the next session or two.

General Q&A
1) What is the name of the cult?
2) Supply a paragraph or so describing any relevant religious practices (teachings, ceremonies etc.)
3) Outfit (not including armour)
4) Conduct (do cut the eyeballs out of your victims, don’t eat them when Markus is around. And stuff)

Heavier topics
Most of these are assumed that they were decided previously and take effect retroactively. I need:
1) A map of the complex underneath Archill manor.
2) Assignments of all your lieutenants. This isn’t so much a decision as a revision, since it’s relatively obvious where to assign them. I’ll explain this below.

If you all look in the characters section, you’ll now see the entry for Harith, Korn and Skai. [I’m not forgetting anyone, am I?] You may assign these into any role you consider, however I’ll give you a set of examples. [As I recall, you already set Korn to recruitment]

Depending on the role you give your lieutenants, they’ll automatically ‘default’ to something when the problem arises. Be as specific as you’d like, but I’ll let you know that in general the more a lieutenant has to multi-task, the less effective they’ll generally be. In addition to this, all lieutenants can lead a party of a size determined by their hidden leadership statistic. This party isn’t generally large, but come with special benefits that are determined by the lieutenant; check their character page for more.

I may think of some more to add later, so keep an eye out to see if this is updated.


Neat! I assume all this is really up to Markus; it’s his cult. Orgoo is not an organiser so he does not really care who does what, as long as they don’t drink all that fine wine.

Before we move to paragon tier...

Im going to create it as a wiki article that ill edit as i progress with some things (ie. designing uniforms in photoshop aswell as creating the lair under archill on a grid)

Before we move to paragon tier...

I like your new pages, Josh… cool stuff. I am looking forward to Lighthouse the dog. The anti-religion ideas are fun.

Orgoo really would just want to know what is so great about these gates as their description leaves out any mention of females, intoxicants, or music.

Before we move to paragon tier...

Markus would assure Orgoo that his future high ranking soldiers, the “Seducers” will probably tick that quota of his.

Before we move to paragon tier...

Hm, a love battalion— that has definite possibilities!

Before we move to paragon tier...

As for Talithe, I’m having the Shadowgem fused into her hammer somehow, and I’m going to start my attempts at diplomatic relations with Monsters, starting with Goblins so I can eventually have an army of Assorted Creatures…There’s a little good in evil right? …right?

Before we move to paragon tier...

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